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InPlant Modular Building Systems

Steel Construction

Advantages: A STEEL modular building system is more economical over aluminum construction, and can be painted in standard neutral tones or matched to the custom colors of your Wall Panels. The 3˝ Steel Wiring Studs have accessible and concealed electrical wiring tracks on both the interior and exterior of each post, with friction fit cover plates on both sides for access to wiring.

with 1¾˝ 16 Gauge Steel Wiring Studs

This economical option is constructed with 16 gauge galvanealed steel. The 1¾˝ Wiring Studs have load-bearing strength to accommodate a reasonably sized second story, or the sturdy rooftop can be used for storage up to 125 lb per square foot.


with 3˝ 20 Gauge Steel Wiring Studs

For single-story applications, this 3˝ 20 gauge steel, non-load-bearing system, gives you the full benefit of using InPlant’s deeper 3˝ Wall Panels which allows you the option of using the best Noise Controlling or sound insulation Wall Panels. This system is ideal for interior Wall Partitions, In-Plant Offices or Equipment Enclosures.

with 3˝ 16 Gauge Steel Wiring Studs

The Heavy-Duty Steel Building System is InPlant’s strongest load-bearing system and uses a 3˝ 16 gauge steel Wiring Stud. It carries the heaviest load and is used in our larger two-story prefabricated buildings. Or, it is capable of providing the widest, column-free room span – up to 40 feet when used in non-load bearing applications. Also it is used for Demising Walls – large Partitions in plant or warehouses that divide space for different types of processing or enclose operations.

InPlant’s Steel Building System includes:

  Steel Wiring Studs • Friction-fit Steel Cover Plates

  Corner Posts • Wall Starters • Ceiling Cap & Trim

  Floor Track • Black Vinyl Base Molding


Standard Neutral Finish Options:

Painted White, Gray, Beige to match Vinyl Coverings, or FRP Wall Panels


Custom Steel Finish Option:

Painted to match Wall Panel custom paint selection

Aluminum Construction

Advantages: An ALUMINUM modular building system is a maintenance-free and moisture resistant choice. It offers a sleek look in a controlled environmental rooms with snap-in cover plates. It’s durable with high thermal values for outdoors. An excellent system for FDA regulated food processing plants, cleanroom laboratories, and temperature monitored production rooms.

with 1¾˝ Anodized Aluminum Wiring Studs

The Light-Weight Aluminum System is an economical and eco-friendly selection for environmentally controlled modular rooms. The 1¾˝ Aluminum Wiring Stud is non-load bearing, and suited for single-story, wash-down applications, and sensitive Equipment Enclosures that do not require high thermal values.


with 3˝ Anodized Aluminum Wiring Studs

This sturdy All-Purpose Aluminum System offers the most diverse building usage – with the load-bearing strength of 3˝ Aluminum Wiring Studs to accommodate a second floor or roof storage, and hold 3˝ Wall Panels that provide a wider range of thermal values.

This 3˝ sturdy weather-resistant aluminum is featured in our Pre-Assembled Guard Shacks and other exterior Booth applications.

InPlant’s Aluminum Building System includes:

  Wiring Studs • Snap-in Aluminum Cover Plates

  Corner Posts • Wall Starters • Ceiling Cap & Trim

  Floor Track • Black Vinyl Base Molding


Standard Aluminum Finish Options:

Satin Anodized or Painted



InPlant Offices Incorporated Welcomes You

InPlant’s employees have years of experience in developing a wide variety office space solutions. We will custom design a Modular Building System within your space constraints and around any equipment obstruction – we precisely fabricate the interior or exterior dimension within a fraction of an inch.
We can engineer a modular unit that’s as economical, or as intricate and heavy-duty as you require it. No job is too small or too large – from a single one-person shipping office to a multi-story complex. InPlant’s clients include the world’s largest retailer, automobile and other manufacturers, secure government facilities, various sized warehouses, and many others.