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Modular Equipment Enclosure

<< See more info on InPlant’s Light-Tight Safety Equipment Enclosures of double clad steel or aluminum. Conforms to ANSI Z136 standards and FDA/CDRH compliance.


InPlant’s Building Systems are designed to accept safety accessories such as laser protective glazing, computer programmed door controls, interlocks and more.

The modular nature of InPlant’s Building System allows you to build around existing equipment, or during installation one or two Wall Panels can be left out, allowing for large equipment to be set in place.

Wall perimeter safety guards

InPlant offers a lightweight, freestanding Wall Partition System that allows you to choose a panel configuration to meet your safety requirements. The Wall Panels are joined with InPlant’s non-progressive Building System that can be moved or rearranged quickly and easily. The lightweight system includes stackable panels to extend wall height, and can easily be field modified for custom applications. InPlant’s rugged Steel Faced Wall Panels stop weld flash, flying debris or excessive noise.

Enclosed structures for lasers, welding and containment of sound, paint & dust

InPlant’s Steel Faced Wall Panels and steel interlocking building systems provide a durable safety barrier. The structural Wiring Studs are designed to include a wiring raceway for electrical and data wires, or conduit can be surface mounted to any part of your Modular Unit. The hard cap roof is assembled with the same durable Steel Wall Panels allowing full protection in the interior space, and it provides support for roof mounted accessories such as air extraction systems. From lasers to robotic automation, our enclosures meet requirements for light-tight safety, as well as control of temperature, humidity, noise, dust, smoke or fumes.

InPlant Offices Incorporated Welcomes You

InPlant’s employees have years of experience in developing a wide variety office space solutions. We will custom design a Modular Building System within your space constraints and around any equipment obstruction – we precisely fabricate the interior or exterior dimension within a fraction of an inch.
We can engineer a modular unit that’s as economical, or as intricate and heavy-duty as you require it. No job is too small or too large – from a single one-person shipping office to a multi-story complex. InPlant’s clients include the world’s largest retailer, automobile and other manufacturers, secure government facilities, various sized warehouses, and many others.