Temperature Controlled with Non-Combustible & Noise Controlling Construction

All of InPlant’s 3˝ thick Building Systems work well in strict controlled environments & CMM rooms. An InPlant Modular Building can be a noise, humidity & temperature controlled room.

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Customizing prefabricated Modular Building Systems to fit your needs – providing a clean work space, storage, factory noise control and safety barriers around hazardous equipment.

InPlant Offices Incorporated Welcomes You

InPlant’s employees have years of experience in developing a wide variety office space solutions. We will custom design a Modular Building System within your space constraints and around any equipment obstruction – we precisely fabricate the interior or exterior dimension within a fraction of an inch.
We can engineer a modular unit that’s as economical, or as intricate and heavy-duty as you require it. No job is too small or too large – from a single one-person shipping office to a multi-story complex. InPlant’s clients include the world’s largest retailer, automobile and other manufacturers, secure government facilities, various sized warehouses, and many others.