modular offices, equipment enclosures, booths, clean rooms, class iv laser enclosures, etc.

At Inplant Offices, we utilize the versatility of our wall systems to design the enclosure that best fits your needs. Sound control is one of our main concerns. Whether you are looking to provide a quiet environment for workers or conversely isolate a noisy or dangerous piece of equipment , our wall systems can accommodate.

Environmental controlis our other main concern. Our wall systems work seamlessly with HVAC equipment to control temperature and humidity for applications such as CMM rooms and additional air handlers for clean room applications. We also accommodate the most difficult environment, the
outside elements, with our fully assembled booths.

We also manufacture a line of highly customizable class IV laser enclosures.

Modular construction is your solution and Inplant Offices does it right. Since
1987 we’ve put our customers and our distributors first by having versatile
products at competitive prices and by giving them the best service in our Industry.The following pages are filled with detailed information about our
wall systems, photos of our work, contact info for the factory and field
managers, and a form to submit for a free quote.

Inplant Offices, INC.   436 Bussen Underground Road  St. Louis, MO 63129   (800)356-3199    fax: (314)892-4070

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